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Think about what you bought today. What if for every one of those purchases, a charity you selected would receive a cash donation? Automatically. Every time. Not out of your pocket, but from the brand behind the product. That’s the idea behind TellOnMe. Our aim is for brands to reward your loyalty and support by taking some social-responsibility. Right now, that means blending fashion with philanthropy. For every premium, American-made garment you buy at TellOnMe, at least $10 will go to the charity of your choice. Automatically. Every time. No prompts at checkout to donate to the cause of the month. No outstretched buckets at the entrance to a store. Just your simple fashion choice, easily linked with your charitable one. So you won’t just look good wearing your new style, you’ll feel good knowing the value of your apparel stretches beyond your reflection in the mirror. Let’s transform the way we benefit the greater good, by adding more purchase power to your goods. @tellonme.

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