A Telling Change

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Today, we released our in-app mobile commerce, becoming the only cause-centric mobile marketplace. We’ve even included Apple Pay to simplify your purchasing decisions. Every Startup has a story; something that compelled it into existence. Ours is no different.  November 7th, co-incidentally marks the day when we were confronted with our son’s illness. Now, the story has a telling change.image

A good friend told me that children have this compulsion to survive; to fight for life. We, at TellOnMe have inherited this compulsion; to not just survive, but to thrive and impact lives. While this goal inherently has its challenges, they are nothing compared to the challenges faced by those suffering from an illness or those without access to clean water or those suffering from the ravaging effects of a natural disaster. However, changing the destructive effects of these issues will require more than a Startup to alter the tides.

That’s where you come in. This is not something that we can do on your own. We need you to be a part of this quest for change by lending your voices, as well as your bodies. (We mean for you to be seen in our clothes)

Do Tell.

Charities We Love Series: The Inspiration Behind Make a Wish

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In the spring of 1980 a 7 year old boy suffering from Leukemia made a wish to “to catch the bad guys.” Chris’ wish came true when he got the opportunity to shadow the Arizona Department of Public Safety for a day. This simple act of kindness led to the creation of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

TellOnMe is thrilled to announce that the Make-A-Wish Orange County and Inland Empire chapter is one of many charities that we give back to. You too can help fulfill wishes by shopping this cause on our app. For every purchase made we will make a special donation to Make-A-Wish. 

If you had one wish, what would you wish for? Please share with us in the comments below.

What to do With Old Clothes

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Just because you are done with your clothes doesn’t mean someone else might not want them.  Now a days there are a variety of options and ways to pass on your clothes.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is a phrase many of us have been hearing since we were children but not all of us practice.

It’s important to recognize that the phrase “one mans trash is another man’s treasure” is not just a clever phrase.

So what do you do with your clothes when you’re done with them? 


First it’s important to recognize if they still have value.  Can they be reposed?  Can this t-shirt become a night gown?  There are tons of options and many websites and posts dedicate to re-purposing clothing.

Check out this Pinterest Board – Fun Stuff Out of Old Clothes

Or this other one, Things to Do with Old Clothes


If you live near or in a big city you can sometimes sell your old clothes.  As long as they are in decent shape you can get some nice pocket change from them.  Best to wait until you have a lot to sell all at once to make sure traveling with a pile of clothes is worth your time.

Smaller towns don’t often have such options although sometimes if the garment is really nice you can find second hand stores that will sell your clothing on consignment.  Again not always worth the effort but as we said before “one mans trash…”.

Buffalo Exchange is one of the more well known stores, check out their website to see if there is one near you.

You can even sell your clothes on ebay, but again this requires listing them individually and shipping them etc.  Often more trouble than it’s worth.


This is probably our favorite option.  It’s easy, it’s quick and is often helping out others.  Anything that helps out our fellow human we’re a huge fan of.  Now a days you can often find donation bins placed around the city.  This makes it as easy as pie, drive up and drop off your cloths.  Seriously, things couldn’t be easier.

If you’re looking for that tax write off, and no harm in that, then stop by your local Good Will or Salvation Army they’ll give you a slip to write off the value of the clothes.

Other options, churches and shelters often accept clothing, particularly in the winter shocks and coats are much needed and welcomed.

Don’t let those clothes gathering in your closet, a good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably aren’t going to.  Time to give it a new home. 

8 Women’s Style Guides You Should Have Bookmarked

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The internet is not lacking in opinions on what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it.

Style is personal and unique to each and everyone, as it should be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all benefit from a little guidance.  Below are some great style and fashion guides for women.  Read them over, pin them, book mark them and save them for later.  Tons of great stuff in here.

What’s your fashion tip for women? 

Best Fashion Guides on How to Dress for Spring/Summer for Women by Glamour Fashion

Spring and summer 2014 fashion trends.

Fashion Guides on Travel for Women

A great guide by Refindery 29 on easy-chic travel.  

Fashion Guide for Women in their 30s

This is a wonderful guide by Colleen Cancio for women in their 30s. 

Women’s Fashion Guide on Accessorizing

The Ultimate Guide On How To Accessorize With Jewelry by NR Styles

Women’s Fashion Guide to Formal Wear

Great tips on black-tie formal wear.  Everything You Need To Know by Perrie Samotin

Fashion Guide for Petite Women

A guide for petite women, what and how to wear by Refinery 29.

Women’s Fashion Guide to Corporate Attire

Strictly Business: Vogue’s guide on how to dress well in the corporate world. 

Fashion Guide to Women’s Party Clothes

How to Dress for a Party – Style Tips for Women by Maina Ndungu

Let us know what guides we’ve missed and any tips that we should include! 

Six Best Summer Fashion Guides for Men

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Dressing great in the summer isn’t always as easily done as winter.  Often it can be much easier to dress in the winter when there are layers involved and perhaps a great jacket….don’t get us wrong we love summer and wearing summer clothes but sometimes looking great and feeling great in the hot summer months isn’t always as easily done.  

There are of course a ton of great online guides that will help you dress your best in the summer, below are some of our favorites for men.  

27 Rules of Summer Style by Details

When it comes to fashion take all rules with a grain of salt.  The are rules that can and often should be broken, but you have to start somewhere.  Be warned this article is five pages, articles with multiple pages aren’t awesome.  

The 10 Commandments of Summer Style by Esquire

Commandments, no different than rules they just sound more official.  But some great thoughts/tips here.  

10 Summer Style Tips by Askmen

Tips, we like tips better, they aren’t telling you to do things, just suggesting.

PS this is a slideshow format article, literally the worst way to share information online, almost prevented me from sharing it here.    

My favorite tip, wear more color.  Oh and protect your skin, sunscreen gents.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.  

The GQ Guide to Summer by GQ

This guide covers everything and is essentially a guide that leads to more guides.  Strap in and spend some time learning about fashion from the experts over at GQ.  This guide covers more than just fashion.  

Men’s Spring/Summer Short Wearing Guide by Fashionbeans

A guide all about shorts, seems a bit much doesn’t it? No, not at all.  This is a guide every man should read when he’s ready to hang up his board shorts.  

The Only 8 Summer T-shirts You Need by GQ
Another guide by GQ? Yes. This one focuses on only t-shirts you need to look good this summer or any summer.  

As you can see we love fashion guides.

Which guides have we missed? Or tips on how to dress for the summer?

Stay tuned for our list of guides for women.  

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Thanks @everlane for connecting me with some of my favorite instagrammers while educating us on the #knowyourfactories tour. Group shot directed by the incredible @pauloctavious

Great group shot.  

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Michael Sohler is a 26 year old student from Niederstaufen, Germany who is currently studying multimedia in Nuremberg. He posts his work as medienschoepfer. He began posting every day in January after being inspired by artists like beeple, dailycube and dagligabilder. He creates something every day not only to get better at what he does but to find and expand upon his personal style.

Who doesn’t like a good gif?  I know I love them particularly when they make my brain do somersaults.  

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Selected works from Project Astoria: Test 01 by LA-based photographer Todd Baxter

“Project Astoria: Test 01, an 11-image photo series, is the first of several planned shows for Baxter’s latest multi-series effort, Project Astoria. Test 01 is an introduction to the people, animals, and objects of the fictional Astoria System, the retro-futuristic backdrop of on-going multi-media exploration of dystopia and coming-of-age.” (text from Behance)

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